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Crowdr is a new, revolutionary software platform for sports clubs


Designed from the ground-up using robust and scalable enterprise-class tools, Crowdr simplifies the way clubs manage ticketing, CRM, event management, online sales and marketing. Developed and launched in direct response to frustration felt in the market, a collaborative approach to system design with our key partners has allowed us to develop a highly flexible, cost effective product that can dramatically increase visibility of operations and reduce overheads.

Crucially, we are not just a faceless software provider. With the management team having 25+ years of IT consulting and support experience, we understand that configuring and managing software is not a club’s primary business. The platform is backed up by a UK based support team and who will feel like an integral part of your club.

To register your interest in Crowdr, or to get further involved in the development of the product, please contact

Feature List

Powerful Dashboards and Analytics

Gain powerful insights into all aspects of your member, ticketing and sales data.

  • Automatically track KPIs, revenue targets and fan engagement activities
  • Understand fan and member demographics
  • Track season ticket renewals
  • Monitor ticket promotions
  • Analyse game-by game and month-by month ticket sales
  • Monitor the success of fan engagement activities

Fan Engagement

Dramatically increase the engagement of fans via automated communication channels.

  • Automate emails to members and fans on birthdays, anniversaries and other key personal events
  • Send introductory welcome packs and instructions to first time purchasers and new members
  • Automate promotional code and discount offerings based on fan attendance data
  • Facility to allow mid-season upgrades and cancellations
  • Distribute texts and emails to fans containing match and ticket information

Membership & Season Ticket Administration

Manage club memberships, season tickets and renewals.

  • Renewal of season tickets for both allocated and unallocated seating
  • Simple alteration of seating allocations
  • Rule based reservations for cup games and friendlies
  • Facility to allow mid-season upgrades and cancellations
  • Automated seat release
  • Reporting on renewal progress and outstanding payments

Advanced Ticket Pricing Schemes and Discount Codes

Create pricing schemes for different ticket types, categories and date ranges. Create single and multi-game packages for families and include vouchers for merchandise.

  • Simple creation of promo codes for online sales
  • Multi-buy discounts
  • Automated, multi-tiered general and member ticket pricing
  • Tailored match-by-match marketing messages on printed tickets
  • Management of parking and event tickets
  • Addition of merchandise within ticket bundles

Online Ticketing

Fully branded online ticket and merchandise sales.

  • Customer self-registration
  • Ticket purchase for multiple games in a singe transaction
  • Controlled access to bookings for stands, blocks, and seat types
  • Allocated and unallocated seat selection
  • Promo code and member discount entry
  • Automated distribution of branded welcome letters, directions and instructions
  • Management of marketing banners
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations

Booth Application

Simple browser based ticket booth application for internal and match-day ticket sales

  • Print, re-print and release match tickets
  • Monitor online tickets sales
  • Rapidly add and modify customer information
  • Access-level based access to executive, concession and complimentary tickets
  • Configurable stand and block access
  • Bulk ticket printing
  • Parking and event ticket printing

Stadium Management

Define and manage all relevant aspects of stadium(s) including stands, blocks, gates, seating and bookable resources.

  • Create seating rules for different leagues, games and events
  • Rapidly create away stadiums, blocks and stands for away ticket sales
  • Manage seat types, categories and availability
  • Alter and maintain stadium resources, gates and entry rules
  • Report on seat usage and availability
  • Open and close stands and blocks on a game-by-game basis

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